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To lose something once is an accident, but to lose the same thing twice in the same weekend could be considered by many as downright careless! To cut a long story short that's exactly what we managed to do this weekend, but to make matters worse the "thing" we lost was Anna's kitten which she has named Black Fluffball (don't ask!) The first time was on Saturday when the children and our friends who were staying for the weekend walked down from the farm to the marina for lunch in the Overwater Coffee Lounge. The kittens, not wanting to be left out followed them down then promptly disappeared. It wasn't long before we had a call in the marina office to say that one had just been fished out of the marina (many, many thanks to whoever it was who rescued him!) and worse still, the other one was missing. By nightfall he was still missing and Isabelle's cat Blackie was feeling very miserable and lonely. By the next morning he was still missing and poor Anna was distraught (fortunately 5 yr olds don't do "distraught" for long and are easily distracted by a bowl of coco pops).

Kitten Rescue swung into action and one call to the marina saw Alex and Anthony putting up missing kitten posters. Fairly quickly the sightings started to come in and the older children were dispatched to identify, catch and return the errant kitten. Now, by that stage you'd have thought both the kittens and ourselves would have learnt a lesson.....clearly no-one told the kittens that and when we went for another walk around the farm later they came too. As soon as we got to the wet, boggy bit they refused to go any further so rather than us all have to go back I managed to persuade the girls that they weren't stupid and would easily find their way home......famous last did we end up with kittens with no homing instinct whatsoever?? To make matters worse, when Isabelle and I finally retraced our steps to find them, they refused to walk home and meowed at us until we carried them.

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