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What a lovely month we've had — we've all been in shorts for most of the month and barring the odd windy day haven't seen hide nor hair of a goosebump! Things have quietened down in the Marina office as quite a few boats are out cruising. David is still looking tanned from his two weeks out on his boat at the end of May and Sam is gearing up for his "big trip of a lifetime" to Brazil and Argentina. It's going to be awfully quiet in the office while he's away! The RNLI's Stormy Sam visited the Marina a week or two ago to welcome a group of wheelyboat visitors and stopped off in the cafĂ© for a quick coffee. It's been fantastic seeing the wheelyboat out so much — particularly knowing that for most of the visitors it's their only chance to get on the water and experience the beautiful countryside we're all so lucky to be in. The volunteer boat crew are fantastic and really make me feel very humble. This month we're looking forward to upgrading our WIFI system around site. I say "looking forward to" through gritted teeth, as I know full well that change often brings the odd hitch or two, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all runs reasonably smoothly and relatively painlessly!
On the home front the off spring have had a very busy month. Daughter No. 1 recently won her class at the British Dressage Petplan Area Festival, and daughter No 2 astounded everyone by not only winning her class but shooting a colossally high score at her first standing air rifle competition. I've even been out and about doing a bit of dressage with Matty the Marvellous and have come home in the ribbons every time so all in all a very successful month indeed!

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Sunday the 28th October will see the Overwater Marina engineering team paddling for pounds as they attempt a charity row from the Marina, near Audlem, to Nantwich basin and back. Peeky's Blinders, named in honour of workshop manager Simon Peek, have decided to re-launch their raft 'Broke n down' to raise funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute with this sponsored event...

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Possibly the smallest narrowboat on the network has recently become available for sale!'Broke n Down' was hand-crafted by the engineers from Overwater Narrowboat Services to take part in this year's raft race at the RNLI festival; which took place alongside the Autumn Boatshare4u Boat show. This narrowboat marvel, and winner of the best-dressed category, was hand-painted and...

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