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It's that time of year again — the one where you get really contemplative — looking back over the year and wondering where the time has flown to, alternatively the other option is to forget contemplation and get drunk! This year I reckon I could be doing a bit of both. This time last year we had a part built marina and a lot of pans for the future. This year we feel like we have not only a business, but a real community and still lots of plans for the future! I also feel like I have another home and it's far too comfy to leave — the children have even started doing sweepstakes as to how late I'll be home and I discovered on at least one occasion that Isabelle and my mum tried to nobble the results by holding me up on my way back to the farm! Anyway, getting back to those plans for the future....they are NOT I can confirm, plans for a huge caravan park (one of the rumours I've heard) or a theme park... they are rather more low key, but still exciting.

In the new year I am hoping to put in an application for planning permission for a bridge over our entrance which will mean moorers on the canal side of the marina can access the facilities building more easily......it also means I can walk home more quickly which will make Anna happy as she always guesses 10 minutes too early on the sweepstake. Speaking of Anna — she is 6 tomorrow (New Year's Day) so we're all looking forward to a house party tonight and lots of birthday celebrations throughout the day (very important when you're 6!) Then it's down with the Christmas tree and on with the New Year — now I'm not the wisest of persons but one thing is sure, you can't stop the clock, so if you're one of those people who get a bit depressed at New Year, thinking back over your year and wondering where it went to then STOP because as some philosopher or other once said "you can't change the past or the present, but you can change your future..." or something like that...... Happy New Year!

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