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The bridge in the Snow

I have to confess I've not spent a lot of November in the office. Early on in the month I had to go into hospital for another op (hysterectomy — preventative — not much fun so lets not dwell on it). I've had far too much time on my hands at home and as I write this blog (last week in November) I'm chomping at the bit to get back to the marina — it's my happy place — somewhere I feel at home and comfortable. For the first few years of setting up and running the place I was there so much I might as well have bedded down on the sofa in the cafĂ© each night, but as time has gone on (and after a bit of a brush with the big C) I do now try to spend as much time with the kids and horses as possible (I should add that also includes Angus, however he is often heard muttering..."all you ever do seems to involve horses...") That said, I am still obsessed with the marina — I love to watch it change through the seasons and every year new things seem to grow. At the start of November the Autumn colours were probably the most spectacular I've ever seen and now, after the frosts, the tress are starting to look pretty barren and bare, standing tall still, but with that grey stark outline the winter brings. The winds getting up, rain is forecast and it's time to batten down the hatches, light the stoves, dig out the Christmas decorations and be thankful for the gorgeous weather we had this year — lets hope 2019 brings us more! One last thing I must do is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and New Year — whether you celebrate the season or not I hope your end of the year passes peacefully. As for us — well daughter No.2's birthday is on New Years Day so we'll be partying right the way through!

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Carol: Tue 16 Oct 2:56pm

Sunday the 28th October will see the Overwater Marina engineering team paddling for pounds as they attempt a charity row from the Marina, near Audlem, to Nantwich basin and back. Peeky's Blinders, named in honour of workshop manager Simon Peek, have decided to re-launch their raft 'Broke n down' to raise funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute with this sponsored event...

Peeky's Blinders
Carol: Wed 26 Sep 1:21pm

Possibly the smallest narrowboat on the network has recently become available for sale!'Broke n Down' was hand-crafted by the engineers from Overwater Narrowboat Services to take part in this year's raft race at the RNLI festival; which took place alongside the Autumn Boatshare4u Boat show. This narrowboat marvel, and winner of the best-dressed category, was hand-painted and...

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