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Spring 2017

It's been a funny month — it kicked off with a stolen boat story. We had a poster from an insurance company about some stolen boats — as it's quite an unusual occurrence (well you can't exactly do a quick getaway!) you can imagine the interest it caused. We were even more surprised to find one of the 'stolen' boats on our visitor moorings! After a call to the insurance company who'd put the poster out things became even more interesting with the police saying one thing and the loss adjuster who was pushy, to say the least, saying something else and the poor chap who'd bought the boat in good faith sitting smack bang in the middle! The boat left here to go on its way and the loss adjuster was making accusations that we'd failed to assist by refusing to immobilise the boat. They had egg on their face only a few days later when I had a call from Shrewsbury CID to confirm that, having investigated further, the boats were not stolen and that it was a civil matter. It was a real lesson to us in the office that you must always look into things further and not react with a knee jerk action or you might end up jumping to the wrong conclusion! And before you ask — this is not an April Fool!

In the office we're having a shelf putting up party. As I speak Des and Barry are trying to put up a new corner unit of shelving and everything is piled on the floor — it's driving me nuts but apparently it's my fault for bringing so much stuff back from the cash and carry! It's not going well....part A doesn't seem to fit with parts B, C or D! David is on the phone to the supplier and trying to explain which bit won't fit — I'm sitting in the office trying not to get involved. I hate change and have to force myself to move things round or change the way we do something — in the end it actually feels quite good and almost refreshing to go outside my comfort zone and do something different — perhaps a good lesson in life for all of us! Outside everything is starting to burst into life — the hedge on the main drive feels like it's gone green overnight and the ducks have starting chasing each other round. Easter is fast approaching and the children are looking forward to getting a vast hoard of Easter eggs which Angus and I then spend weeks trying to resist fact there may be the odd one or two which seem to go missing with a variety of excuses like we must have mice...the dog ate it....daddy needed some don't need the sugar....they're bad for your teeth etc etc.

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