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OW Workshop
The boat moving trailer

Our on site team of marine engineers can assist you with most of your boat repair and maintenance needs. Call the office on 01270 812677 or email for more information.
We offer:

  • boat blacking
  • welding
  • engine servicing
  • heater repairs and servicing
  • electrical repairs
  • gas repairs (GAS SAFE)
  • as well as a range of other services.

    Slipway £105 each way

    Blacking & Hull Cleaning
    £9.25 per foot (Int'l Intertuf)
    Prices include pressure washing, scraping, and two coats of blacking.
    If you require a third coat, this can be done at an added cost of around £145 plus paint depending on the size of the boat.

    Engineering Work
    Labour £47.50 per hour (incl VAT)
    Gas work £55 per hour (incl VAT) With one of our Gas safe engineers
    Stern Gland re-packing — approx 1 hour labour plus packing (around £10)
    Gearbox Servicing — please discuss your requirements with the engineer
    Engine Servicing — Full service and inspection around £175 including labour and parts (change oil filter, check air filter, check fan belts, charging and report)
    Engine oil and filter change approx £80

    Electrical Work
    Electric work £47.50 per hour (incl VAT)
    Inverters and generators fitted — £47.50 per hour
    Battery Check — System check and diagnosis of battery approx ½ hour.

    Heating System
    Diesel heating service from £95 Plus Parts

    Boat Safety Examinations
    We can arrange for a Boat Safety Examiner to visit your boat

    We offer a full winterisation service.
    Call the Marina Office on 01270 812677 for more details on Winterisation & De-winterisation.
    Overwinter Care Plans and winter boat checks.
    Prices as of 1st June 2018

    Boat Valet services are provided by a 3rd party.
    For all boat valet enquiries please contact the office on 01270 812677