OverWater Marina has a unique design.

The entrance to our marina is just south of Bridge 80 on the Shropshire Union Canal.

Our moorings are laid out around the edge of our beautiful basin, which has a "lakeland" feel in a truly tranquil setting.

There are no railways or roads nearby to disturb the peace & quiet and wildlife is in abundance. Every one of our moorings has a 16-amp electric plug-in and taps are located on every bollard.

Full length jetties are available.

Car parking is to be found around the marina. There is ample water for navigation and a wide marina entrance.

Refuelling and pump-out facilities are located close to the marina entrance off the Shropshire Union Canal just opposite our slipway and maintenance jetties.

Workshop, boat painting and hard-standing facilities are also available.

A downloadable PDF of the site map is available to the right.