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Slipway £105 each way

Paint Shed
Paid in advance, subject to availability
1 week hire £285, with subsequent weeks at £235 per week.
Free slippage for 4 weeks or more

We offer a wide range of boat maintenance and engineering services — please enquire at the Marina Office if you need any further information or to make a booking.
Prices from 1st June 2018
Blacking & Hull Cleaning
£9.25 per foot (Int'l Intertuf)

Prices include pressure washing, scraping, and two coats of blacking.
If you require a third coat, this can be done at an added cost of around £145 plus paint depending on the size of the boat.

Engineering Work
Labour £47.50 per hour (incl VAT)
Gas work £55 per hour (incl VAT) With one of our Gas safe engineers
Stern Gland re-packing — approx 1 hour labour plus packing (around £10)
Gearbox Servicing — please discuss your requirements with the engineer
Engine Servicing — Full service and inspection around £175 including labour and parts (change oil filter, check air filter, check fan belts, charging and report)
Engine oil and filter change approx £80

Electrical Work
Electric work £47.50 per hour (incl VAT)
Inverters and generators fitted — £47.50 per hour
Battery Check — System check and diagnosis of battery approx ½ hour.

Heating System
Diesel heating service from £95 Plus Parts

Boat Safety Examinations
We can arrange for a Boat Safety Examiner to visit your boat

We offer a full winterisation service.
Call the Marina Office on 01270 812677 for more details on Winterisation & De-winterisation.
Overwinter Care Plans and winter boat checks

Call the Marina Office on 01270 812677 to book your slot.

Prices as of 1st June 2018