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If you see Sid

I've heard and seen it all now – there I was sitting in the office absent mindedly staring at the CCTV screen (only because it was in the direction I was looking – not because I was being nosy) and suddenly a little black blob appeared – I did a bit of a double take, rubbed my eyes a couple of times and shook my head – I know I've been feeling a bit tired but I didn't think seeing spots before my eyes was a normal response...At that point Garry walked into the office, took one look at me staring at the screen and announced quite matter of factly "Oh – you've spotted him then". Who? Well you might well ask! – seems we have a new Overwater Marina mascot – 'Sid the Spider'! Best spotted at night when the cameras pick up his body heat and you see a big white blob! Now I'm becoming obsessed because the CCTV links through to the webcam so my favourite hobby is logging onto our website and 'Sid spotting' – I really should get a new hobby......

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