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Janet's Blog – January 2021

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Well, where can I start – it's certainly been the weirdest Christmas and end of year I've ever experienced. I don't know about you, but my head was spinning a bit from all the Tier changes (we went from 2 to 3 to 4 in less than a week), but I do seem to have got my head around it now.

My mum used to talk about growing up during the 2nd World War – she was at primary school and I used to think how resilient people were then to live with war and cope with it all. I suppose it's a little naïve to consider the current situation as anywhere near the anguish people suffer during a war but it has brought home to most of us what really matters in life, particularly at Christmas and in our case it was fizzy wine and lots of it! We're not big drinkers but it's fair to say that we did raise a toast to our quiet family Christmas, New Year, and most of the days in between!

At the marina it's been fairly quiet – we'd normally have a mass influx of boat owners keen to spend Christmas away from it all on their boats, but the constantly changing situation put paid to that. The caravan site has been a bit of a yo-yo all year – first they can come, then they can't, then they can again, then they can't, then they can, but all of a sudden then they can't (don't worry if you can't keep up – we've been struggling too!)

Thank goodness that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the vaccine – and it is a light, one which is shining bright! There have been many nasty diseases which we have managed to overcome and Covid-19 will eventually become one of them. We have many friends in the medical profession and to say they are feeling happier is an understatement. Despite the many conspiracy theories and paranoia surrounding it all, it's looking like this really is something we will conquer. We will certainly be keen to have the jab as soon as it's available to us

Looking forward – well we've made it through the two most deary months of the year. Whatever
the winter can now throw at us is pretty much limited to the next 8-10 weeks and I for one will rejoice in welcoming the spring and the freedom it should bring.

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