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Janet's Blog – July 2022


Janet’s blog, July 2022

As I’m writing this blog I’m sitting outside reception, watching a couple of moorhen chicks paddle past, and eating a Cheshire Farm honeycomb ice cream. It’s the hottest day of the year so far and absolutely beautiful. Probably because I’ve just said that it will now rain for the rest of the summer, so I really do hope I haven’t jinxed things.

What a great spring it’s been for wildlife round here – lots of chicks, hares, damsel flies and best of all some, Overwater cygnets – our first in a couple of years. At home yesterday I wandered across the orchard – hearing lots of screeching sounds I came across a magpie which had pinned down another bird on the floor. It was having a proper go at the poor bird underneath, which was smaller, and I just couldn’t stand to see the black and white bully carry on, so I ran across to intervene. It was a beautiful woodpecker and he shot off at speed with the naughty magpie in hot pursuit. I just hope he managed to outfly him and wonder what on earth he’d done to get picked on like that!

At the marina it’s kind of busy (caravans, glamping wagons, visiting boats etc) but quiet (everyone has gone out cruising!) Can’t wait to hear about all the interesting destinations people made it to when they get back. Angus has been busy keeping the site looking great, backed up by our great team in workshop. We recently put solar panels onto our reception building so every time the sun shines, I feel a certain satisfaction. In my past life I sometimes lectured on renewable technology, so it feels great to be putting some of it into practice.

I’ve also just finished my part time degree in Tourism Park Management, and it’s been very interesting. I’ve been all over the country, staying on different holiday parks for each of the units, so I’ve been to some really lovely places. In the office we have a new colleague Emily, and Sam has taken to bringing the new love of his life into work with him (sorry Rachel, I don’t mean you) – the gorgeous bundle of joy that is little Nellie (22 wk. old cocker spaniel) – If you ever need cheering up just pop in and meet her, she is so delightful (apart from the licking!!)

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