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Janet's Blog – Spring 2024


Well despite the weather it must be spring because both the Audlem Lass and the Wheelyboat are back in the water. Year in, year out the launch of those two little boats never ceases to bring a frission of excitement in the marina office – it really does make us look forward to the spring and summer. The hedges down the marina drive are busting into life and the apple trees at home are just starting to blossom.

Even more exciting news is the swans appear to have built their family home and when I walked past last week, I spotted at least 4 eggs, so fingers crossed for even more. The down side of the spring so far though has to be the wet weather – everywhere is still pretty sodden and poor Angus is pulling the bit of hair he has left out as we can't even get onto most of the site to do any mowing. At this rate we could have a jungle by May!

That said a few days of windy dry weather can make an immense difference, so all is not lost yet and despite me knowing quite a lot about the complexities of the hydrological cycle, I think I'm still plumping for the theory that as it's rained so much there can't be a lot more left in the sky, so we've got to have a prolonged dry spell sooner or later! The upside of all the rain is of course that the CRT reservoirs should now be well replenished – meaning that hopefully there will be fewer cruising restrictions due to lack of water for the coming season.

At home the cattle are all still in as the fields are too wet for them to go out and I'm thinking of buying water wings for the horses. Daughter No. 1 is planning her dressage competitions and daughter No. 2 is knuckling down to study for her first-year uni exams. At the marina the team and I are planning a few social events for the coming season and I'm starting to think about Crick Boat show which will be upon us in the blink of an eye. I love the start of the season – it's so lovely seeing everyone coming back to their boats and getting out and about. The only bittersweet start to the year is seeing Des retire. He has been here for many years and will be sorely missed.

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