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Spring at last

Is April here already??!! Where did March go? We seem to have jumped straight from mid-winter to Easter and missed the bit in between. I've had a month of ups and downs. On the down side we'll all had coughs, colds and flu at home – I ended up spending nearly a week in bed with flu and believe me I'm not a good patient! Then to finish off the month daughter No 1 went down with shingles. Poor Angus doesn't know which way to turn – I'm surprised he hasn't suggested fumigating the house! On the up side, while I was in bed with flu, Angus and David went off to the High Sheriff's Enterprise awards and we only went and won the family business award! Richard would have been immensely proud! On the home front daughter No 1 has just applied for her provisional driving licence – I felt I should warn you all!!! And daughter No 2 has just joined the National Small Bore Rifle Association (perhaps I should also be warning you about that too!) Also, the Cheshire Chicks dressage team that Izzy and I are in has been out for it's first outing of the season and we won! This April is a very special month for Angus and I – we were married on St Georges day and this year it's our 20th wedding anniversary – I know everyone says it but I truly can't believe where the time has gone to.
On the marina everything is starting to shout SPRING – the hedges are all starting to bud, the daffs are up and the ducks are getting frisky. Angus, Colin and Dave have been putting in some new hedging by the caravan site and dog walking area which is going to look amazing and they have also put in a base for a greenhouse for the gardening club to use. Now I have no aptitude for gardening whatsoever but the thought of being able to grow stuff from seeds really does appeal – that said my helpful suggestions of "can we grow cucumbers...." and "how about pineapples..." seem to have been gently rebuffed.

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