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This, that, and the other

I was sitting at my desk, wondering what to blog about this week. Given that I can't believe it's a whole week since I last sat here, you'd think there would be lots of things to talk about and yet I couldn't think of a single thing that I thought anyone would find interesting! Now that could mean it really has been a quiet week or that it's been so hectic my brain has blanked it all out in a weird kind of a self protection mechanism, so I decided the only thing to do was to make a list day by day – so here goes:
Monday – supposed to spend the day catching up on the paperwork, paying invoices etc....really spent the day the day chatting with everyone and looking out of the window saying how nice it was for this time of year.........
Tuesday – Sam our newbie was here – it's his 2nd week and we haven't frightened him off yet which is a very good sign as he's really nice. Spent the morning on the paperwork and getting distracted by two swans having a "punch up" on the open water by Reception. Spent the afternoon in a business meeting (very grown up!) Spent the evening trying with Isabelle trying to get two mud encrusted ponies clean for show-jumping on Wednesday night.
Wednesday – off to Manchester for the day on a business training course called 10,000 Small Businesses for a really interesting and very practical session on process mapping (I kid you not!) Angus spent the evening trying to get two ponies and two children to Southview Equestrian Centre for the show-jumping – very brave!
Thursday – still looking out of the window and wondering if they really were fighting or actually in some strange swan courtship routine....
Friday – WHOA – what happened to the rest of Thursday, how can it have slipped by so fast....? The engineer came to day to check the levels for the bridge over our entrance.
Saturday – just Colin and I in today, and by 11.30am we had given in to the temptation of a bacon sandwich....by 3.30 it had got worse – we were onto the Tiffin..... It's been a lovely day today, very Spring like. Only a few more weeks and we'll be putting the clocks forwards. I love this time of year, the trees are just starting to show buds and the bird song is glorious, like everything is just starting to wake up. Spring is always such an optimistic time of year and we've loads to look forward to – the bridge over the marina entrance, improving the access road and Safety Afloat Sunday on Sunday 24th June – our boaty fund raiser for the RNLI, and more importantly welcoming everyone back to the marina after the winter for a wonderful season of boating!

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