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Twinkle twinkle, little star

Sorry – it's been so hectic this month I've hardly had time to put pen to paper. September was busy last year and it's been even busier this time which is great – I don't know where the days go to – they seem to fly past. It's been a month of change – Sue has gone over to the workshop full time and Colin has now upped his days helping out to cover. The girls are now back at school and every evening is a whirlwind of making tea, sorting out packed lunches, sorting out ponies and arguing over homework! Isabelle and I are very overexcited about getting a new pony. She's just about grown out of our beautiful little grey pony – her legs just keep growing – so we've just chanced upon a gorgeous 14.2hh bay "mini racehorse". He is stunning and so lovely to handle – a little spooky but fun and I can ride him as well – poor Angus just looked at him in horror – little spindly legs (the pony – not Angus!), thin thoroughbred coat and body (again – not Angus!) and not a bit like the Thelwell type ponies we've had in the past. The really scary thing is that I have to admit that Isabelle actually rides him so much better than I do – I'm just going to have to put more practice in!

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