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Janet's Blog

blog pic april
It all started so normal....

Well what can I say – the year started off so normal, wet, but still pretty normal. There I was moaning about how wet my horse paddock was and warning people on the marina not to step off the footpaths and then it all went pear-shaped with a global pandemic. It's not something that normally creeps

Flowers outside Marina Reception
The Stuck Duck

Well what a summer that's been! We've had a really busy time at the marina, the farm has been manic and the kids seemed to find a million and one things they needed me to do with them. So in summary, since I last wrote a blog the horsebox has been all over the place at various competitions. I'd

Ash lodge decking
Any other duty..

It seems like ages since I last wrote a blog – in fact it is – and so much has been going on I think I might have to start posting monthly again, just to keep up! Spring came and went, well in the end it mostly got washed away but hopefully we're into the better weather now. The Audlem Lass is now

April 2015
Spring at last

Well it's all been happening around here lately! I only mentioned to Angus that the main gates were looking a bit tatty and before I knew it he'd ordered some new ones – they look really great and he even managed to fit in my request for a pedestrian gate next to them. Out round site he's

The Big Switch On
January already!

Can it really, already be half way through January??? It seems such a cliché to say how fast time's going but I suppose if you think about it logically time really does get (relatively) shorter the older you get! That said the thing I like most about the winter time at the marina is that it does

The bridge in the Snow
It's that time of year again!

I have to confess I've not spent a lot of November in the office. Early on in the month I had to go into hospital for another op (hysterectomy – preventative – not much fun so lets not dwell on it). I've had far too much time on my hands at home and as I write this blog (last week in November)

Peeky's Blinders
Festival Fatigue

My September started with a very successful trip with my girls to the British Riding Club Championships at Lincoln. Daughter No 1 had qualified for both the dressage and showjumping so it turned out to be a very busy weekend. She learned the hard way that forgetting part of your test means the difference

Anna Shooting
A busy August

What a glorious summer we've had! So much like the ones I remember from my childhood when my mum used to turf us out of the door at breakfast time and call us back in for tea. I've been loving the weather, although Angus has found it rather difficult on the farm – moving cattle from field to

Overwater Marina Cheshire January 2018
Not a drop to drink..

Well what a month of lovely weather! Our grass may be going brown and poor old Angus is tearing what's left of his hair out over what to feed the cattle but I just can't possibly moan about the weather. It's been a bit of a challenge getting enough water to the horses and the ground is

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